My Purchases: July 2013

So I’ve been pretty good in July – I think I’ve done well in not spending much money. I go back to work soon so once I start earning, that’ll be a different story. It’ll be more about finding the time to buy rather than not having money to buy!

Here are my few purchases in July….

Can’t go past a good kids sale. My poor youngest daughter has been wearing most of her older sister’s clothes so when a good sale is on, I try to buy something new for her. I LOVE Seed Heritage for kids/babies – definitely my favourite brand. Their leggings are just too cute and on sale, they are pretty good prices. Long sleeve top was $12 and leggings $10.


Styletread were having their final sale so I grabbed a couple of ankle boots before winter is over. This one from Alias Mae (Australian shoe brand) is gorgeous and good quality leather and stitching. Bought it at 50% off.


Suede ankle boots from Mollini at 70% off. Cute. Looking forward to wearing these with dresses once the weather gets a little warmer.


My final purchases from ASOS. I absolutely believe you can never have too many t-shirts and me being a black and white kinda girl couldn’t help myself with more black and white t-shirts! Haha.. They were all on sale at ASOS ranging from $15 to $27. Cheap as chips.


Till next month…. happy shopping! X


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