Review: Birdsnest


What is it?

So we can’t be wearing designer stuff ALL the time. If you’re looking for a one stop shop for normal everyday clothes then check out Birdsnest. An Australian based online store with a wide range of different brands across womens, mens and kidswear. It is predominantly a women’s fashion store and sells shoes and accessories so you can basically buy an entire outfit head to toe from the one shop. The range of brands is diverse across different age groups – from the young teeny-boppy brands like sass, minkpink and Cooper St to brands for the older ladies like Gordon Smith, Yarra Trail, Ping Pong and Very Very as well brands for those in between.

The Good

  • First and most importantly is customer service. Always friendly and packages always includes a personalised note. It’s nice to receive the extra attention.
  • Delivery is always prompt as they use express post and for $4.95, it’s very reasonable.
  • 365 day return policy – as a purely online store, you need encourage returns otherwise people are put off from buying online. By offering a generous 365 day hassle free return policy, it makes you want to buy from them knowing that returning is almost just as easy as doing it instore.
  • Range of items is definitely a plus – there’s something for everyone here, even the kids.
  • Because of the huge range of items they stock, there’s always something on sale so definitely check it out.

The Bad

These guys are not a discount online store so they charge full RRP for most things. I guess they’re trying to lure people who can’t be bothered going to the shops or need one place that has a wide range of stuff so they can just find everything they need here. So don’t go there looking to find things cheaper.

Whilst most retailers offer free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount, these guys don’t. You always have to pay shipping but I guess at $4.95 express post, it’s not THAT bad….

The other downside is their promotions are few and far between. I recall seeing a free shipping over a while back and that was the first I had seen for ages. Besides the sales, I don’t recall seeing any % off discounts which sucks a bit given they’re not necessarily cheaper online and you have to pay for postage as well.

My experience

I’ve bought from them a handful of times now and I’ve had no issues with them at all. Delivery is quick and nothing wrong with the quality of the items. Fortunately, I have yet to return anything to them so can’t comment on their returns process. And I’m all for supporting Australian retailers – whether it’s bricks & mortar shops or online stores – if they make it worth the while and despite not necessarily being cheaper, I think these guys have the right idea targeting everyday people…

What I’d love to have

I’ve only ever bought basic stuff from here and that’s all I’ll probably ever buy from them. Give me a closet full of black/white/grey t-shirts and skinny leg jeans and I’ll be a happy girl…just make sure it’s good quality fabrics

Living Doll 96 Tee - $39.95

Living Doll 96 Tee – $39.95

Just Add Sugar - USA Tee $29.95

Just Add Sugar – USA Tee $29.95

Living Doll Lucky Tee - 39.95

Living Doll Lucky Tee – 39.95

All About Eve Wicked Skull tee - $24.95

All About Eve Wicked Skull tee – $24.95







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