My Purchases: June 2013

So after my May 2013 special edition post, I was/is on an official spending ban….. on unnecessary items. So things that are considered a ‘necessity’ don’t fall under the spending ban! Great way to justify my purchases huh?  🙂

June is stocktake and end of season sales so I couldn’t NOT buy. It’s mostly kids stuff so that definitely doesn’t fall under the spending ban and I’ve definitely scaled back my purchases this month.

I’m a big fan of Seed Heritage kids and baby stuff – I find their clothes to be pretty good quality and for that, it’s not cheap. But on sale, it’s definitely worth it, especially with extra 30% off sale items. Clothes for both kids…



With Bloomies having another friends and family deal, I couldn’t not buy the True Religion jeans that I’ve been wanting. At AUD$179, I thought they were a good deal… delivery in 2 days and they fit PERFECTLY.

True Religion Julie skinny jeans

True Religion Julie skinny jeans

Make up definitely falls under the necessity bucket and for me Bare Minerals is a necessity – I’ve been using them since 2005 right before I got married when I tried them for the first time and haven’t looked back. I tried a new online store in the UK which offers free shipping – I’ll be posting a review on them soon. And yes, it was definitely cheaper than Aussie retail prices.


And lastly, some shoes. I find Witchery shoes fit me well and hold up well so they work for me for everyday kind of shoes that I don’t have to be too precious about. I thought I would stray from my normal ballet flats and try the loafters – they look great and fit well and bought them for $99.95 down from $169.95. Not sure who in their right mind would pay $170 for a pair of Witchery shoes but didn’t mind paying the sale price.


Lastly, it wasn’t on sale but I had to share – Nespresso’s new variation range which is now part of their permanent range. I bought vanilla and caramel and they are soooo YUMMY! The caramel tastes like a good caramel latte without price tag! They also have dark chocolate but I’m not a fan so didn’t get those ones..


That’s it for June – I’ve promised myself not to buy any more stuff and I’m sort of proud of my restraint…  🙂


Would love to hear from you!

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