My Wish List #6: The Work Bag

It’s been a while since I’ve last done a wishlist. Probably because I’m on a spending ban after splurging on my Chanel. As some of you know, I’m on maternity leave and that is fast approaching the end. Scary to think I’ll be back at work in 2.5 months. So I thought it’s appropriate that I get a new work bag to ‘celebrate’ me going back to work – hahaha pathetic I know but any excuse will do to buy a new bag!

I don’t have many black work bags and that’s mainly because I wear a lot of black clothes so I like to have a bit of colour in my bags. Having said that, nothing I love more than a smart black work bag with gold hardware. Also, my work bags have to be big – I have a tall frame and petite bags look silly and plus, I need to take work home sometimes and carry my iPad so need a decent size one that will fit everything. So, with great pleasure, here’s a few on my wishlist!

1. Phillip Lim Pashli bag

No. 1 on my list as this was the bag I had to forgo to purchase my Chanel. Of course 100% worth it when we’re talking about a Chanel but I think the Pashli is the perfect work bag for me – size, style and even price. It’s a bit Celine luggage tote like but luckily it’s not an obvious copy and for USD$895, it’s  bargain compared to the $2,000+ you would be paying for the Celine. The black doesn’t go on sale but you can get it from the US department stores when they have giftcard events.


2. Balenciaga Work Bag with giant gold hardware

Who doesn’t love the Balenciaga motorcycle bags. Such a classic and I love it because it’s a bit different and definitely far from the boring black bag you carry to work. I would definitely go for the giant hardware so it stands out a bit more and I prefer gold rather than silver or even rose gold.


So ignoring the picture of a pregnant Hillary Duff, I love the modelling pic of the Work bag because look how soft and supple that leather looks! I love it and I want it! You’re looking at USD$2,220 for the bag.

Hilary Duff out on Valentine's Day

3. Saint Laurent Cabas Classique Y 

I love everything from Saint Laurent recently – ever since their rebranding, it’s been chic, sophisticated and I love it all. If I was to go for a bit more structure to my bag, then I would definitely be looking at this one. Love the gold hardware, logo is subtle and it’s a good size. It’s USD$2,695 so NOT CHEAP!


And a modelling shot.. it’s not black but still, looks good huh? Probably helps because its on Miranda Kerr’s arms…

Yves-Saint-Laurent-Medium-YSL-Cabas-Chyc-2790794. Sophie Hulme Leather tote

Sophie Hulme is a young UK designer who is still under radar but has a beautiful collection of bags, accessories and clothes. I’m drawn to her because her bags are sleek and SIMPLE and I love simple. And I love large totes and a bigger sucker for large north/south totes and Sophie Hulme is known for her big north/south tote. I would personally go for the large one but the medium is good for the smaller framed people. Comes with a strap and comes in other colours as well. AUD price is $780 from Matches Fashion.

images (1)


5. Givenchy Antigona bag

Much prefer Antigona to the Nightingale and it is a much more structured bag. It comes in different sizes to suit your needs and your frame – I obviously prefer the bigger size and love the black. The ivory colour also looks good to as does the deep blue. You’re looking at AUD$2,000+ for the medium size – prices fluctuate depending on the exchange rate as well as where you look – when it comes this bag, you are spoilt for choice in terms of stockists but be careful with customs duty. Cult Status also has it locally so you can avoid this but just do the maths and make sure it’s worth buying it in Australia.



When you say ‘work bag’, there’s just too many to pick from and even I had trouble narrowing it down to just 5. I’ve avoided the Pradas, the Guccis, the LVs – they just don’t do it for me anymore and I’d like to think I’m still young enough to pull off some of these other bags. Now I gotta figure out a way to buy one of these bags without the hubby finding out! Wish me luck!  🙂


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