Where to buy: True Religion jeans


I’m not sure why I didn’t post this earlier given my love for TR jeans. There’s tonnes of denim ybrands out there plus other clothing brands that have denim in their range. This means we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect jeans and this also means you’re overwhelmed with too much – especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

For me, I have certain type of body shape and I’m tall so TR jeans fit me perfectly. When I bought my first pair, my mum was mortified at the price I paid but I was quick to point out that my body is this way because of my parent’s genes so it’s their fault! 😛 For me, TR jeans are my fall back, default, I know without a doubt they’ll look great on me brand of jeans.

So, where to buy? Those who know know they’re not cheap here in Australia. Back in the days, they were almost double the US price – retailing up to $550 at Myer. And to be honest, I haven’t ever bought them here in Australia so no idea what the prices are like. I’m going to stick to the places I know…

As a point of reference, I’m going to use the True Religion classic Julie skinny jeans in Sunset Pass as it’s currently on my wishlist to buy  🙂


1. Revolve Clothing

I think Revolve would have to have the largest selection of TR jeans outside of the actual True Religion website. This is where I have bought mine and they have never failed me. The only downside here is that the promo codes usually don’t work for TR as they are an excluded brand. It’s selling on Revolve for USD$198. Enter in ‘TULIP’ for 10% off which will bring it down to $178.20. Factor in current crap exchange rate + 3% in credit card fees and you’re looking at approximately AUD$190 with free shipping to Australia.

2. Neiman Marcus

Not my normal place to look for TR jeans but because they’re now offering free shipping to Australia, I’ll definitely be considering NM especially if they have a % off coupon or some sort of deal. NM are selling the Julie jeans for AUD$217.10. They’ll charge you in AUD so no exchange rate conversion worries. Not bad and glad to see it’s not a big mark-up on USD prices.

3. Bloomingdales

As much as I love Bloomies, they’re mark-ups on AUD are a little excessive. If you select Australia as the shipping country, then the Julie jeans are retailing for AUD$260 which is a ridiculous mark-up when US retail price is $198. Having said that, it’s currently on sale for AUD$208 and their friends and family sale starts on 5 June US time with further 20% off. So if I do the maths, that will bring the price down to about $166 plus $9.95 shipping to Australia and so total amount paid will be $176. Cheapest so far but only because of their current promotion. Without it, I wouldn’t buy from Bloomies just on principal.

4. True Religion website

True Religion online store now offers shipping to Australia which is great as you get access to their full range of clothes including their new arrivals. They use FiftyOne as well which means that you are charged in AUD including taxes and shipping so no need to worry about exchange rate conversion and credit card fees. The Julie skinny is AUD$217 on the website which is very reasonable given the current state of the exchange rate. Shipping is $19.95 on orders over $150 although when I tried to check out, shipping came up free. Bonus!

There’s heaps of other places which stock TR jeans – Shopbop and Saks, in Australia there’s Birdsnest, Myer, Surfstich, ASOS but their range is appalling. You can try UK or other international stores but given it’s an American brand, it usually isn’t cheaper in other countries.

I’m all for quality over quantity and my TR jeans have lasted me about 5-6 years with absolutely no issues. They are now starting to stretch a little but that could also partly be me having gone through 2 kids and my body is no longer what it used to be and my poor jeans are having to adjust. So if you have chosen True Religion as your perfect jeans, make sure you shop around and try and find the place offering the best deal. No reason to pay full price right? 🙂



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