Review: Styletread

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What is it?

With the AUD falling dramatically in the last few weeks and apparently more to come, I think it’s time we turned our attention to some good Australian stores. Styletread is an online shoe store – women’s, men’s and children’s shoes. They have a wide range of brands so you’ll definitely find something you like – Tony Bianco, Nine West, Florsheim, Steve Madden, Walnut Melbourne, Grosby, RMK and Peeptoe being some of the brands. They’re not a high end shoe store so don’t go there looking for your Manolos.

The Good

These guys are one of the first Australian online store I shopped at where they offered free shipping and free returns. Just remember though, the free returns is only valid with full priced items, not sale items. Other good stuff:

  • They use Australian Air Express rather than Australia Post so it’s faster and more reliable.
  • Free returns also use AAE and you can book online a pick-up time for the courier. The whole returns process is really easy and they even encourage you to buy more than 1 size if you’re not sure and then return the one that doesn’t fit.
  • They offer 365 days return policy – yes, that means they will offer you a full refund even after almost a year of purchasing the shoes. Of course they need to be in original packaging and not worn but this means you can easily buy presents and still return them if they don’t fit.
  • Customer service is really good with prompt responses.
  • They’re quick. They offer 3hr delivery if you need it (you’ll have to pay extra), but even without that, I received my goods usually in 2 days.
  • They have sales and % off discounts often enough so you can definitely score yourself a good deal.

The Bad

Hmmm.. nothing really that bad to report based on my personal experience. In terms of the user experience on the website, I think you can never have too much detail on a product and especially shoes where it has to fit and there’s no in between. Whilst there is generic description, they need more details on the shoe itself and give more information on the sizing of the brand (some brands always run smaller than normal, etc) rather than the fluff narrative they have on the shoe which doesn’t add any value.

Extra Tips

Try to wait for their discounts rather than buying full price (unless you urgently need them). They have 20% off full priced items every so often and recently had 30% off selected boots.

When sales are on, if you wait a week or two, they always have a further cut on sale items so if you can, hold off till then.

My experience

I’ve bought from them a handful of times now and I’ve never had a bad experience. Returns have been a breeze and where I’ve had to return sale items, I need to repack the shoes and take it to the post office to ship it back to their warehouse. Of course I’m out of pocket for the shipping fees but given it’s only $10 or so, it’s better to return it than keep shoes I’m never going to wear.

One time I returned goods, they didn’t process my refund for over a week so I emailed them asking about it. I think they had genuinely forgotten about it and they apologised and quickly processed the refund the next day. I have no issues with these kind of mistake as long as it gets rectified quickly.

Shoes always come in the original box and have never had issues with the quality or packaging. Delivery has been quick and I don’t usually pay full price so it’s definitely a satisfying purchase.

What I’d love to have

I’m having an obsession with combat boots and boots in general at the moment (it is winter after all!)..

Steve Madden Voyegar - $279.95

Steve Madden Voyegar – $279.95

Therapy Addison - $59.95

Therapy Addison – $59.95

Steve Madden Trroy boots - $249.95

Steve Madden Trroy boots – $249.95


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