My Purchases: May 2013 Special Edition!

Hope you lovely mums out there had a good Mother’s Day on Sunday! I feel like I got extra spoilt yesterday as a MASSIVE delivery came for me from my personal shopper in the US! All my purchases I have made in the US came over the weekend and I can definitely say it felt better than Christmas! Let’s not think about the huge bill I have to pay but focus on sharing all my goodies!

I have to start off with THE best one of them all! My personal shopper offers concierge services which means she sources the specific item I want and does all the legwork for me. The bag I wanted was a Chanel Classic Flap – caviar, jumbo with gold hardware. This bag has a waiting list and stores will get delivery of maybe one every few weeks, if that. So basically my personal shopper (thanks for putting up with me!) did her thing and I managed to skip any long waiting lists – I think I waited a month or so which is AWESOME! The price difference between US and Australia for this bag is about $1,000 so well worth buying overseas.

IMG_1407[1]IMG_1412[1]IMG_1413[1]What a beauty! Ok so what else came?

Some Hunter rainboots for my older daughter – on sale at Bloomies so paid USD$31.59 plus tax.


Make-up for my mum – $200 all up for the items below


MAC makeup for me! The foundation at the back in the middle – I paid less than $20 for that one during Bloomies beauty promotion.


An assortment of goodies from Burberry for my 2 little ones. Baby cashmere blanket was only USD$144. Bargain!


Matching Converse shoes for my little ones – they are sooooo much cheaper in the US! I think I paid around $35 from Saks plus they were having 25% as part of F&F.


Burberry quilted jacket for my older miss – my younger can wear it when she gets older so double the value! I bought this for USD$82 during promotion time. Can it get any cheaper?!


Merino Kids go-go wool sleeping bag – duvet one for winter. I looked around everywhere and I ended up buying from Amazon for I think USD$125 or so? Hoping to keep my little one warm this winter!IMG_1416[1]

So I’ve a got a lot more stuff I bought but if I upload them all, this post will get way too long so I’ll stop here. I just wanted to show everyone that I may have spent a sh*tload of money on all this but look at how cheap I got them compared to normal retail price. Some of them are just too good to pass up… and yes it does require a bit of effort and waiting but for me, that’s well worth it given how much I have saved!

Happy smart shopping!





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