My Purchases: April 2013

So April was a bit of a bad month for me. Bad in that I probably spent to much money for someone not earning any!

Blast from the past anyone? The original Motex label maker is here! Purchased from the country of origin – Korea!


As mentioned in my previous post, I had to buy some business shirts for hubby. Bought 4 for $199 which includes free delivery. Awesome quality shirts for great price. Sorry for the bad pic. #iloveagoodbargain!


With the cold weather that was fast approaching, I just had to jump on the bandwagon and purchase one of those anorak/parker whatever you want to call it. Can’t wait to wear this with leggings and boots! I looked around everywhere for the best price for All About Eve (I love streetwear brands) and Edge Clothing, the official online retailer of this brand was the cheapest with free shipping and 25% of welcome code. Note – I went to Glue Store to try this on and they were selling it for $190 when the RRP is $149.95! I was so shocked at the blatant mark-up! Remember peoples – smart shopping.


And of course, my daughter needs something for the cooler weather too so I bought the jacket and boots for her from Target – they were having 30% off. There’s always 20% off children’s clothes and shoes but 30% off doesn’t come that often so I felt especially good when buying this at 30 off! Almost matching mum and daughter!


And more clothes for my older daughter… For those who have growing kids, you know you go through a entire new wardrobe every season so you need to be smart and make sure you grab a bargain.. otherwise clothes alone will cost a fortune!

Witchery Kids - extra 20% off sale items. Down to $15.96 for the white shirt and $19.96 for the striped shirt

Witchery Kids – extra 20% off sale items. Down to $15.96 for the white shirt and $19.96 for the striped shirt

Seed Heritage – extra 30% off sale items. $28 for the sequin skirt, $17 for the pink leopard print skirt and $14 for the leggings.



2 thoughts on “My Purchases: April 2013

  1. Jodi

    Hi! Cute camo parka! Can you post pics of you in it? ^^ looks like the trend is here to stay? I’ve been searching for a plain green one…can you recommend any?

    1. thewiseways Post author

      Hi Jodi,
      Thanks for reading! If you want to have a look at some modelling pics, check out

      There’s so many plain khaki ones out there so it’ll all come down to your budget and I guess your age group? Cotton On and Dotti had some cheap. All about Eve also have a plain one too – so exactly the same as mine but just khaki. I saw nice ones at Seed Heritage, MARCS and Country Road but a bit dearer. I even saw a Billabong one which was nice and thick.So many options so go out there and try them on and make sure you wait until a good deal comes through – never pay full price! 🙂


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