My Purchases: May 2013

Delivery man came today! Kenwood kMix toaster and stick blender. $69 each from Peter’s of Kensington. $30 cash back from Kenwood meaning I only pay $39 for each item! Oh, and $7 shipping as well. Still, I feel like this is one of the biggest bargains I have scored this year!


Miss Scatterbrain (i.e. me!) mug. On my way to collecting all of them! Also from Peters of Kensington.


Mother’s Day coming up so went and grabbed something small but something useful for my mother-in-law who is a big tea drinker. Ok, don’t be shocked but I actually paid full price for this! T2 rarely have sales but now that they’re loyalty program is up and running, maybe they’ll offer some discounts. Instead, I asked the nice lady for heaps of sample tea and free (very nice) gift wrapping so won’t complain.



You can’t beat super quick delivery from the Iconic. I don’t know any other stores, even those with 3hr Sydney delivery, that will delivery as quick as the Iconic. With the cold weather definitely here, I realised my younger daughter doesn’t have much winter stuff – I assumed she could use her older sister’s stuff but because they were born different seasons, it’s all mixed up and I can’t use hand-me-downs! So I bought a thick sleeping bag + some clothes. Ordered it last night around 9:40pm whilst watching Revenge and was on my doorstep this morning when I woke up. Can’t beat that! Go to my Sales/Deals page for the Iconic discount code.


Sleeping bag - $48.97 (on sale), clothes 20% off

Sleeping bag – $48.97 (on sale), clothes 20% off





One thought on “My Purchases: May 2013

  1. tablets

    Whats the real difference between the baby carrier sling, and the baby
    wrap then? One or two parents I know are
    choosing the baby slings, I suppose the wrap is simply the
    non-connected variation?


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