Where to buy: Ray-Ban sunglasses

Have I told you how much I love classics? You can’t go past Ray-Ban for classic sunglasses – whether it be the wayfarer or the aviator, both styles have proven to be THE staple sunnies for both boys and girls.

ray-ban-new-wayfarer-rb-2132-sunglasses-black-rubber-gradient-greyimages (10)


VB looking great as usual

VB looking great as usual

So, where do you go and buy one for the best price? Do I need to say it? Definitely not in Australia. Sunglass Hut in Australia are selling the New Wayfarer (RB2132) for $139.95 and the Aviator (RB3025) for $199. DJs are about the same although the aviator is slightly cheaper at $185. Let’s find some alternatives:

1. Revolve Clothing

Love this store for their range of items. This is where I bought mine and you get free shipping to Australia. The new wayfarers are USD$125 and aviators are USD$145. Hands down the cheapest place to buy! Enter code ‘tulip’ for further 10% off! YAY!

2. Shopbop

Aviators are selling for USD$155 which converts to around AUD$155 given the current exchange rate plus credit card fees, etc. Plus shipping is FREE so you’re guaranteed to save at least $30! Funnily, there’s not much price difference in the wayfarer style with Shopbop selling these for USD$130. In which case, dare I say, you might as well buy it here. BUT, if you purchase these during Shopbop’s 20% friends & family sale, then it’ll definitely be cheaper. Keep in mind that Ray-Ban’s will never go on sale.


Advantage of buying from ASOS is that they have a warehouse in Australia so offer free shipping and easy local returns. Plus you’re charged in AUD. But, looking at their website, their prices seem to vary a lot which is interesting. Aviators you’re looking at $191 so slightly cheaper than Australian retail price. But, the new wayfarers – they’re $172! Now the only thing I can think of is that they’re polarized hence it’s more expensive but the description doesn’t say as much. Best to check with their customer service otherwise look elsewhere!

4. Neiman Marcus

Given they offer free shipping to Australia, I just had to have a look at their prices. They don’t ship the Wayfarer styles to Australia but they do ship the aviator sytles – go figure!? The Aviator is selling for AUD$153.90 plus free shipping which is still cheaper than the Australian retail prices.

It’s funny after researching on this, the prices seems so varied. I bought my new wayfarers a few years ago for USD$119 but prices must have increased between then and now. Hopefully I’ve given you some options if you’re looking for Ray-Bans and just remember my motto – never pay full price!


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