Review: Peter’s of Kensington

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What is it?

That famous pink building on Anzac Parade in Kensington/Randwick has a great online store which stocks all the homewares, kitchenware, dinnerware, glassware as well as toys, bedding, linen, perfumes and even luggage! In another words, it’s domestic heaven!

The good

I think without a doubt, the best thing about Peters of Kengsington (PoK) is the RANGE of goods on offer. I can literally spend a whole day on that website and my wishlist is pages long. Plus you can do shopping for the whole house through PoK – it’s not just plates and cups, you can even buy accessories for your pets.

Other great features:

  • Registry services – bridal shower, baby shower, kitchen tea, wedding, engagement and ‘other’. You got an occasion, they have the registry service for you! It’s so easy to pick items for your registry in the comfort of you own home can leave hubby/finance out of it!
  • Great prices. They are always at a discount to the major department stores. So if you’re looking for something that isn’t on sale, then PoK is the default place to look. They also stock so many brands that you would never find in the department stores at reasonable prices
  • Reasonable shipping charges – for delivery to Sydney metro areas, it is either $5 for a very small parcel or $7 for everything else. So even if you buy frypans, bakeware, electrical appliances, unless it can’t fit in an extra large box, you will only be charged $7. That’s pretty good. Oh, and an extra large parcel is 60cm x 47cm x 57cm.
  • Complimentary gift wrapping on individual items over $30

The bad

Shipping has been known to be a little slow at times, especially during their annual sale at the beginning of the year. And communication is not their strongest point.

Extra tips

PoK don”t have ‘sales’ as such – not in the traditional way we know it. Their prices are always discounted to RRP so in that way, they are always on sale. They have daily deals which features one item heavily discount – up to 85% off – but these are random items which I guess don’t turnover as quickly and they are keen to get rid of. At the beginning of each year, they have their annual sale and this usually means that the prices come down from last year’s prices. They call it a sale but it’s not like at the end of the sale, the prices go back up. But beginning of the year is a great time to buy as they replenish stock and prices are lower than the year before!

Oh and make sure you inspect all the goods when you first get it – especially where there are glass items. I had a small chip on one of my melamine cups when it was delivered. I decided to let it go given I had only paid $2.50 for the cup  🙂 Obviously, if you are ordering fine china, you will definitely need to call. And take pictures for your reference.

My experience

Mostly positive. The prices are great and always feel like I got a great deal when I buy with PoK. Classical example was when I was looking for placemats. I was looking at one particular brand and went looking at my local Westfield – DJs, Myer and specialty homeware/kitchenware stores. Prices ranged from $30 – $50 for the exact same set of placemats. Went online and saw it at PoK for $23. Of course I bought a whole heap of other items so the delivery charge of $7 spreads itself out over a number of items.

Last time I bought from them, I waited over a week and still didn’t receive any email notification saying the goods have been shipped. So eventually I called and they said they had to request one of my items from the Kensington store to their online distribution centre which caused the delay. From a customer service point of view, it would have been nice of them to let me know given how long I was waiting for it.

What I’d love to have

I am currently obsessing over pretty tea cups but can’t justify some of the price tags!

Limoges - Legle Parma Breakfast cup & saucer $160

Limoges – Legle Parma Breakfast cup & saucer $160

Wedgewood - Butterfly bloom teacup & saucer $50

Wedgewood – Butterfly bloom teacup & saucer $50

Royal Albert - Rose confetti teacup, saucer and plate set  $87

Royal Albert – Rose confetti teacup, saucer and plate set $87 


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