Where to buy: Nespresso Coffee Machines

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I think my next few posts are going to be veering towards domestic household topics as I’m currently on maternity leave and going all out with re-organising/de-cluttering the house.

So prior to going on mat leave, I needed to make sure I had a constant source of good coffee. Obviously with a newborn, it wouldn’t be as easy as ducking to my local cafe and grabbing a coffee 2-3 times a day. Plus financially, it just wouldn’t work. So I jumped on the Nespresso bandwagon. Yes, I finally caved in. And it was worth it! Even though I bought the most basic model, the coffee still tastes good and feel guilt free drinking 2-3 cups a day at approximately 70c a pod.

Now to buy one, remember the golden rule – never pay full price! We are no longer in the times where department stores refused to mark down appliances so there is no reason to pay full price. If you plan to buy one, be patient and wait for the right time and score yourself the best deal… Here’s how:

1. Myer/David Jones

These guys will offer 15% off small appliances including Delonghi coffee machines. I have yet to see 20% off so greatest discount will be 15% off. They’re doing this more frequently now so wait for this to come around. Taking the basic model – Nesresso U – which retails for $299, take 15% off and this comes down to $254.15.


2. Bing Lee, Peters of Kensington and other specialty stores

Prices are progressively dropping – I remember last time I saw it when I was looking at buying for my parents, they were offering $254. Now, it’s come down to $249 which is a great price. You can buy in-store or online but just factor in shipping charges.

3. Nespresso $60 cashback

A promotion offered by Nespresso from time to time on ‘select’ coffee machines. This almost always includes Nespress U and is claimable after the purchase of the machine. If you take $60 off $249, then you only end up paying $189! $60 is the highest cash back I’ve seen – when I bought it, it was $50 cash back. So make sure you wait until this promotion is on so you can have 2 lots of discounts!

I have no doubt the prices will continue to drop slightly as time goes buy and competition increases from new pod machines. Having said that though, call me a snob but I still prefer the Nespresso – firstly because George Clooney’s telling me to buy it 😛 and secondly, I love the experience of going into the Nespresso store, having a cup of coffee in a flavour I haven’t tried and stocking up on loads of capsules. Whatever you do though, don’t buy the machine from the Nespresso store! You will certainly be paying full price there.

I hope you make good use of your machine. Might go and make myself a cup now… cheers George 🙂

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