Review: Bonds

indexWhat is it?

Who doesn’t know the iconic Australian brand? Having been around since 1915 and starting off with undergarments, Bonds has now ventured out to loungewear as well as activewear. But you still can’t beat Bonds undergarments, whether it be the chesty singlets for the blokes, the colourful underwear for the ladies or the famous Wondersuit for the little ones. Unfortunately, Bonds’ factory is now based in China but having recently shopped with Bonds, the quality is still quite good and has lasted.

The Good

The Bonds onilne store has come a long way and there are loads of great things to talk about:

  • Full range of Bonds across menswear, womenswear, kids and babies. The next best option is probably Big W but finding a Big W near you might be a challenge.
  • They have frequent promotions so if you sign up for the email updates, you will often receive deals for up to 40% off everything. Be quick though as sizes go very quickly.
  • FREE SHIPPING. Regardless of purchase amount, they offer free shipping which is fabulous and makes it so easy to spend lots of money!
  • FREE RETURNS. The paperwork is provided when the goods are delivered and and all you have to do is call them to obtain a reference number and then put it in the post box – they provide you with reply paid address.
  • Great customer service – such a rarity these days..

The Bad

Not much really. Obviously you can’t try it on so you need to know your size but that’s with any online shopping. I would recommend you knowing your Bonds size – i.e. try it on at your local Myer /DJs/Big W if possible. The goods are shipped from Victoria so for Sydney-siders or inter-staters, it will take between 3-5 days for the goods to arrive.

Extra Tipsbonds

When purchasing anything from their website, if you ‘Like’ it on Facebook (there is a ‘Like’ button for every product on the side), you’ll get extra 10% off! For doing nothing!

Oh, and do read the product details – I try to only buy cotton for baby clothes and some are polyester which I definitely avoid.

My experience

Nothing but good things to say about them. Not long after I had my second child, I bought a bunch of nursing top/bras and baby clothes. Without having tried them on, I was going by what size I was wearing for other brands. I had to return a couple of items so called up their customer service, obtained a reference number and told them I would exchange for something else. After they received the goods from me, they promptly put the credit back on my online account so I can make new purchases. It was dead simple and pain-free which has made me go back to them about 4 more times since then.

The baby clothes are great and I personally think sizing runs fairly true to size. My younger one has had so much wear out of them and given they get washed every second day, it’s held up well.

What I’d love to have

Loving their winter range for babies and can’t beat the classic Bonds fleece hoodie for the little ones.

Bonds Zip Wonderbundle - $24.95

Bonds Zip Wonderbundle – $24.95

Bonds Signature Singletsuit - $21.95

Bonds Signature Singletsuit – $21.95

Bonds Signature Fleece Hoodie - $24.95

Bonds Signature Fleece Hoodie – $24.95

Can you tell I have a daughter?! 😛


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