My Wish List #2: Leather Jacket

The way I view clothes is broadly in 3 categories – seasonal, basics and investment pieces. A good quality leather jacket is definitely an investment piece – it’s a classic piece that hasn’t and won’t go out of style, you will need to spend a decent amount of money plus you will wear it for a LONG LONG time. Each winter, all the chain stores come out with leather jackets and you have to pick and choose the better ones – take note of whether it is 100% leather, ask the staff what type of leather (it’s usually lamb but beware if it is pigskin – ewww) and look at the quality of the stitching, etc. I’ve trawled through all my shopping emails as well as my favourite online stores to get the latest picks so hopefully there is something for everyone!


Surprisingly pretty good looking and loving the blue and zipper detailing. Haven’t seen it in real life as my local Witchery doesn’t have it but it is 100% lamb leather. If you’re a Witchery member, you’ll get $100 reward credit which you can spend on future purchases.

Witchery Zip Detail Leather Jacket - $599.95

Witchery Zip Detail Leather Jacket – $599.95


Soft buttery chocolate leather jacket. Sleeves are half leather, half wool – supposed to keep your arms warmer but I’m not a big fan of mixed fabrics. But it’s one of those styles where it’s quite versatile – can be worn with either dresses or pants and of course boots.

Jigsaw leather jacket - $599

Jigsaw leather jacket – $599


This is a UK brand which specialises in leather so they have good quality products. I love most of their jackets so it’s hard to pick just one to put on here but I’ve gone for the classic style and colour – 100% lamb leather and free delivery to Australia from Revolve Clothing.

MUUBAA Tehmi Leather Biker Jacket - $517.90

MUUBAA Tehmi Leather Biker Jacket – $517.90 from Revolve Clothing


I personally prefer a biker style leather jacket but for those who don’t and want something a bit more feminine, Saba has something for you. Great price but I would go and check out the leather in store and have a feel.

Saba Charlotte Jacket - $499

Saba Charlotte Jacket – $499

Finally, just for a bit of fun, my holy grail of leather jackets – the one that’s at the very top of my wishlist and the one that is just a little out of reach…

Balenciaga Classic Biker Jacket - USD$2,650

Balenciaga Classic Biker Jacket – USD$2,650

Modelling shot by Victoria..


Oh, I’ll have the bag too thanks…

Before I end this post, check out the link here for a helpful guide to purchasing leather and what to look out for.

Hoe you all stay warm in your new leather jacket!



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