Where to buy: M.A.C Foundation

mac2MAC has become a staple brand for many of us but from a few years back, MAC has tightened its distribution (remember not long ago Target being accused of selling fake MACs??). I find there’s not a lot of places where you can buy genuine MAC, and those that do, have a very limited range and is usually only eye shadows or lip gloss.  So this post is not so much about where to buy MAC but more where NOT to buy – i.e. Australia!

MAC is a US brand so obviously US is the best place to buy. Bloomingdales and Macys stock MAC but is an excluded brand and you cannot ship it to Australia. So that leaves you with very limited choices…

1. M.A.C website – Australia

If we take the Studio Fix foundation  as a ‘case study’, which is the one I use and has been around for yonks, it retails for $49 plus $10 shipping. In this case, you might as well go to Myer or DJs and avoid the shipping charge!

2. M.A.C website – United States

The same foundation – Studio Fix – sells for $27 and free shipping domestically in the US. OMFG $27 vs $49?!?!?!?!?!  Can you believe the price difference?! We pay almost double! If you buy it online here, it’s more than double we pay! This is why I refuse to buy cosmetics and skincare from Australian department stores – it’s just ridiculous, outrageous and completely ripping us off.


Now the US website doesn’t deliver to Australia so you will either need to use a parcel forwarding company or know someone in the US. MAC also has friends & family discount of 20% during the year so if you do plan to buy from the US, stock up during this time and use a parcel forwarding service – that way, you buy multiple items, save on shipping and save overall! I think it’s definitely worth it and even after the fees taken out for the parcel forwarding service, you will still buy it cheaper than here. It just requires work and this is where most people in Australia say ‘I can’t be bothered’ and pay full Australian prices.

Better still, if you are going overseas or know someone going overseas or know someone living overseas coming to Australia, it’s time to stock up on cosmetics and skincare.

If anyone knows good genuine sites that sell MAC, please drop me an email via ‘Contact me’. I know there’s some eBay stores that might sell MAC but I personally wouldn’t.

Happy SMART shopping! Don’t get ripped off!


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