Review: Net-a-Porter

What is it? 

Sells designer goods – bags, clothes, shoes, scarves, jewellery and so on from brands such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin and many many more.

The good

Love love this store. For us Australians where we can’t buy most of these brands locally and where we can, we get charged a ridiculous mark-up, Net-a-Porter is an essential store we must have access to.

  • Fantastic range of designers
  • Cheap shipping charges ($10) and speedy shipping via DHL
  • All duties and taxes factored in the final price for goods over $1000 so it won’t get held up at customs (only if you select Australia as the country)
  • Decent sales twice a year and free shipping codes also pop up a couple of times during the year
  • Great customer service if you ever need to talk to them

The not so good

Not much really since they have set up a new Asia-Pacific region with distribution warehouse based in Hong Kong. This means that you are now charged in AUD therefore no exchange rate conversion and the prices are a lot better than the US and UK site for certain items! (go the Aussie dollar!). Plus shipping charges have come down to just $10! That’s cheap than a lot of Australian online sites.

Extra tips

Net-a-Porter has 3 sites now – the US, UK and Asia-Pacific. Now the recent opening of the Asia-Pacific region has made shipping super cheap but I believe you can still have goods shipped to Australia from the US site. So if the particular item in mind is only available on the US site or is a lot cheaper, then consider buying it directly from the US site. You will be charged in USD and will need to pay for shipping so make sure you do the maths before committing to buy.

Do your research and compare prices of the sites before you buy factoring in exchange rate and shipping/duty charges. Also compare to other department stores to make sure the prices are in line.

My experience

I have made numerous purchases from Net-a-Porter over the years but my latest experience with them actually didn’t result in a purchase  However, it again proved how excellent their customer service is and how important it is when making significant purchases online.

I was looking at purchasing an Alexander McQueen De Manta tote from the UK site and sent an email to them to confirm that the price included all duties and taxes. They promptly emailed back confirming this as well as letting me know that they will hold it for me over the weekend plus offer free shipping! All I did was email and ask and it was a nice surprise to be offered such things without me even asking. Something unheard of over here!

What I’d love to have..

Alexander McQueen Britannia skill leather box clutch - £926

Alexander McQueen Britannia skill leather box clutch – £926

Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 glitter-finished leather pumps - £325

Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 glitter-finished leather pumps – £325

Gucci leather biker jacket - £2,937

Gucci leather biker jacket – £2,937


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